At secondary school I enjoyed art and although only got a C at O Level went on to get a B at A Level in textile design. Photography was not taught at my school but from an early age I loved taking pictures and maintained my interest whilst studying Sociology and Social Psychology at Loughborough University and afterwards whilst doing a diploma in secretarial studies at St. Godric’s College and on into my working life.

I took the first job I was put forward for by a recruitment agency and worked as a junior secretary to a Managing Director and then as a PA to a Strategic Planning Manager. At 25 I decided to take a year or so out having been selected to go on a three month Raleigh International Expedition to Chile. After that I waitressed in Hong Kong for several months; volunteered for WWF before travelling to China and on through South East Asia to Australia and then New Zealand.

Upon my return to the UK I worked on House & Garden magazine in the editorial department as Decoration Assistant. It dawned on me at this point in my life that I could become a professional photographer. One thing lead to another and after evening classes in black and white photography I went on to do a full-time Professional Photography Practice course at The London College of Printing..

I was offered my first job, as a photographer, whilst still a student, thanks to a generous Art Director at Brides & Setting Up Home magazine. Initially I photographed anything that was asked of me; from lipsticks to cupcakes but my oeuvre was portraiture. I became a good wedding photographer, as well as, a good wet dark room b&w printer. I photographed interiors which featured in national magazines and had a travel piece on Bhutan published..

With a move to rural Kent, pottery took over from photography. I set up a small studio and worked using decals to decorate white stoneware and experimented with the elasticity of porcelain. At that time I also taught basic hand-building techniques to Reception and Year 1 children; culminating in the creation of a collaborative art project in association with The Prince’s Foundation for Children and the Arts - ‘Face Britain’.

After doing a short course in Illustrating Children’s Books at London’s, Chelsea College of Arts, followed by various online courses with Make Art That Sells, I have re-discovered my passion for drawing and painting..

Thank you for taking the time to look at my website.